Remember when you were a kid, praying for those long, hot summer days? Remember Dad grilling, Mom serving and everyone laughing? Remember wishing that the summer would never end? Of course you remember. You grew up with a pool.

Nothing brings a family together for fun and good times like a swimming pool. Now you can give the gift of family fun and lasting summer memories that your kids will cherish for a lifetime… just as you do.

Give your family a Bowers In-Ground Pool.

Don't Work On It... Swim In It!
Bowers Makes It Automatic!

A pool that lasts as long as your memories… a lifetime.


Each Bowers In-Ground Pool consists of several components that are manufactured to fit perfectly together. The wall panels and braces form the backbone of the pool and can be made from polymer. The vinyl liner holds the water in your pool and adds beauty and comfort with its soft surface that won’t scratch toes or scuff up swimsuits. Steps finish off the pool design and are safe and stylish accents.

A Bowers In-Ground Pool is wonderfully easy to maintain, typically less than an hour per week. And with its lifetime limited warranty, you know that you’re getting a quality product that we firmly stand behind. So jump in and make a splash, knowing that you’ve chosen a Bowers In-Ground Pool!

Spillover Spas

The perfect poolside companion, a Spillover Spa will bring tranquility and relaxation to your backyard. The massaging jets ease aches and pains and the soothing sound of the waterfall will melt away your worries. With ergonomically designed seats and textured slip-resistant steps, the Spillover Spa offers the ultimate in rejuvenation. The round and scalloped models are available in five colors and the square model is available in three colors, so you can coordinate with your pool design. Talk to Bowers about adding a Spillover Spa to your In-Ground Pool.